The current logo.

Welcome to ROBLOX BuildingEdit

Welcome to ROBLOX Building is a game created by the user ROBLOX. This game was created in 2010 and it is very famous.

Blazing ManEdit


The original logo.

Welcome to ROBLOX Building was actually the 2nd version of a level called "Blazing Man". Blazing Man was the "beta" for WTRB. The levels were made by a user called usabilityman. There was 2 beta's, but only the 2nd one is active. There is also an experimental version, a production version, a working persistence, a version called Breaking Man, and a version called Nothing Special 2. The baseplates were also black

Limitation Of ObjectsEdit

People are kind of annoyed about the limitation of bricks, but as the ROBLOX team always says: No. I think they do this to reduce lag probably.