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The first series logo used from the 1st to 4th movie.

The Chronicles Of ROBLOX is a fan-made movie series by the creator of this wiki. (ToySackboyLBP2, AKA SuperNsy) The series is about ROBLOXia and its goings on. Its mostly about the history of the game. The first 6 movies were action and adventure, while the 7th movie was action, adventure, and horror, and the final one, was action, adventure, comedy and horror. The first 4 are currently on YouTube right now, while the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th are being made. There are 8 movies in the series.
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The logo from the 5th movie.

List of Movies

The Chronicles Of ROBLOX

Released 23rd June 2012

ROBLOXia was created, ToyMon, built an HQ for the country, but when thrill comes to the HQ, ToyMon and AdminMod are in for an adventure in the desert.

Time set in: 1996-2002

The logo used from the 6th to the 8th movie.

The Chronicles Of ROBLOX 2 - The Great War Of 2003

Released 26th June 2012

After the team gets back from the adventure, the Blocklanders created a war against the ROBLOXians! And ToyMon2 is up against one of the most dangerous adventures in his life....

Time set in: 2003

The Chronicles Of ROBLOX 3 - The Search For VoloMon

Released 30th June 2012

After VoloMon disappears, ToyMon and Qa set out to find him. Until they found out that TheModzer56 has kidnapped him! But ToyMon knew that one of them would not survive, and that someone was him!

Time set in: 2003-2005

The Chronicles Of ROBLOX 4 - The Attack Of ROBLOXia (A.K.A. The Apocalypse)

Released 6th July 2012

After ToyMon and Qa defeated Modzer, its up to ToyMon2 and his crew to save ROBLOXia from a nuclear apocalypse.

Time set in: 2005

The Chronicles Of ROBLOX 5 - The Good Days (A.K.A. The 1x1x1x1 Chronicles Of ROBLOX)

ACT 1 Released: 3rd August 2012 - ACT 2 Released: 4th August 2012 - ACT 3 Released: Unknown

After all those busy years, the crew decide to all have a rest. But then in 2007, one of the worst events in ROBLOXia history occours.... 1x1x1x1!

Time set in: 2006-2009

The Chronicles Of ROBLOX 6 - The Downfall

Released Unknown

Later after the disaster, noobs were invading along with trolls, spammers, scammers, it was madness. Toy and the team were not gonna let this happen.

Time set in: 2010-2011

The Chronicles Of ROBLOX - Past, Present, And Future

The team did it. They beat Jaredvaldez2. But Modzer was still out there. Modzer was going to plan ROBLOXia's end once again.

Time set in: 2012

ROBLOXia's Last Stand: The Gem (AKA The Final Chronicles Of ROBLOX)

ROBLOXia was safe from all harm, it was a better place again. But at the end of the battle, a nuke exploded. It was 36 years before Volocity115 and ToySackboyLBP2 woke up again. When they were walking away, a gem fell on Toy's head... He had a flashback of more than 52 years....

Time set in: 2048