Loduha's original Look.


Loduha's new look as of now

This Page Is About the user Loduha

About LoduhaEdit

Loduha Has no Places Like the Todd and Test characters. Loduha has the 2005 Look. Also, like the characters Test and Todd, Loduha has No Friends.he also has the ROBLOX "R" On the right side of his Torso. He has no Favorite Places again, like the Test and Todd characters. The three are the same but the Torso is different, but Loduha and some others ONLY have that 2005 Look.

Loduha's LookEdit

He looks like a very old ROBLOXian from 2004, Maybe he joined Some time in 2005. Some ROBLOXians think he looks Old. Some ROBLOXians say he's a ROBLOXian Being. People also say he was PG'ed [Which is kinda obvious] so we can show off what he looks like now

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