Keith's Original Look

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About KeithEdit

He have 3 Active Places, a Builders Club Membership, and a Desc of him. Saying: Hello!  He joined 7 Groups!

Keith's Place - Yeah!Edit

Keith's place - yeah!

keith's First Place

He made This Place On March 18th, 2008. He have at Least 182 Favorites, and 4,305 Visits on this Place. Is He Rich?

  1. I think he is Rich.
  2. I think he's a Admin!

He Chaned it from "Keith's Place" to "Keith's Place - Yeah!" It's Actually True.

2nd Active Place: Crazy Like a FoxEdit

He made this Place on March 19th, 2008. It have 43 Favorites and 186 Visits. Also The Game's Description Says: "This Place is Insane."I think he Chagned it From "Keith's Place Number: 1" to "Crazy Like a Fox" and theres No gear Allowed. Also he A ROBLOX Administrator and VP of Engineering and Operations. I'll Say He is a Admin!

Keith's crazy like a fox

Its Keith's "Crazy Like a Fox" Place!

He have more than 10 Thousand Friends.

That's a lot of Friends!

Juststeven have More friends!

3rd Active Place: The Vudu LoungeEdit

Keith's 3rd place

Keith's Vudu Lounge

He made his Third Place Now Calle the Vudu Lounge. Its was made on April 4th, 2008. Its haves 61 Favorites and 991 Visits. Theres No Gear Allowed.

He changed the place From "Keith's Place Number: 2" to "The Vudu Lounge".

And there's Roads and Places That You Can Explore.  Also Theres InterSections.