About Erik.Cassel

About Erik.CasselEdit

Erik.Cassel is he was Co CEO On Roblox, a Game for Kids across all ages to play and enjoy.

Erik.Cassel's DimiseEdit

Erik.Cassel was the 2nd User on ROBLOX and died of cancer on Febuary 11th, 2013. Cancer the thing that takes away lives of people, It can be fought but it is likely you won't overcome it it. Some People say "Erik.Cassel is the best Roblox admin and I don't want him to die ." He was fighting Cancer for 3 Years the CEO of roblox said this "I wish he will get better" every roblox player agreed.

The Aftermath Edit

After Erik Cassels death Roblox went bad from Robloxian 2.0 to R15 and after these events many Robloxians from the years of 07-012 many left and sparked a new wave of noobs... Now that tickets were gone it took out diversity, so now all Robloxians look awful then their beauty of different outfits like in 2010.

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