Shedletsky (Real name: John Shedletsky) is an Administrator and Creative Director of ROBLOX. He also made the popular game Sword Fights on the Heights, which has over 5,000,000 visits.

Blame JohnEdit

Shedletsky is most likely the 'John' referred to in the fad 'Blame John'. THe fad probably reflects the fact that the admins CAN mess things up.


Shedletsky has many popular places. Here are some of his more popular places.

  • fuck johns dick
  • GYVgyvguvfgufguhghvg
  • gggg
  • Nuke The Whales
  • Home of the Toastmaster 3000
  • Domino Rally
  • Sword Fights on the Heights Original


  • His user ID is 261554433321111223356665443333333333333333333
  • He is one of 3 admins to be recognized as the creater of a hat (The Dusekkar)
  • He doesn't like Jaredvaldez4, as he has shown in some forum posts.
  • Shedletsky once posted on the forums that he was 1x1x1x1. The thread was then deleted.
  • His username was formally Telamon. It is still unknown as to why he changed it.

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