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Crossroads (Place)


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Crossroads is one of the most popular places on ROBLOX. The game is a BrickBattle genre. There was 3 versions of this: One by David.baszucki, one by ROBLOX, and one by Telamon.


Crossroads was created in 2006. Some people even believe it was made in 2004, the first year ROBLOX was made. Crossroads was just a normal place with starting BrickBattle weapons, but it changed in 2007. At first it was just a Bomb, Rocket Launcher, Slingshot, and Sword, but know it added a Super Ball and Trowel. It was just 2 towers, (3 in Telamon's version) stairs similar to Chaos Canyons, a hospital, and some free bricks. (There was no free brick area in David.baszucki's version and Telamon's version) In 2007, it got updated, now it deleted the hospital, free brick area, there is an area called Blackrock Castle, an area called Thieves' Den, an area called The Tower, and the Lost Temple.