Clockworks appearence. Tell him to stop drooling.

Clockwork is a former administrator of ROBLOX, and creator of the popular place Classic Dodge the Teapots of Doom. He is currently deleted


Clockwork is deleted for reasons unknown, although many people believe he went to work for another company. Some believe he started abusing admin powers, and a few believe he was PG'ed.


  • Clockwork created the Teapot Turret hat, making him one of 3 admins to have a hat published.
  • Clockwork's Dodge the Teapots of Doom is a popular place among the Roblox Forums.
  • Clockwork's Satilite and Duck places are highly CFramed, and took him a month to build, each.
  • Clockworks shades were published twice, once by him, and once by ROBLOX.

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