the book of hackers episode 1 seson 1


he is the bad hacker that hakes evreything

he hacks until roblox is gone

hackers are mean, okay?

episode 2 seson 2


he is a bad hacker, he follows you in game and bans your account, its bad, so report lua50 ok?

episode 3 seson 3

all hackers

hackers are bad so be careful, the only way to get rid of them so they disaper is by annoying this like this:

o HACKER: im going to hack you all and ban you

o YOU: no your not i am cooler then you

o hacker: haha yah rigt

o you: hi do you want to be frends pls

o hacker: no

o you: i am a big hacker lover be my frend ok?

o hacker: No!!!!

o you: haha yes!!!

o hacker left the game

episode 4 seson 4


he is a bad and good hacker

he is bad when he follows you into the gmae when ur on to him but will protect yoi if you help him

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