Admin (User)

Admin's apperance.


Admin was the first ever user to be created, on June 2004. He's the first ever test account.

T joke nc Finn. Keen. Fennecs k jawed k unwed I jhConfusionEdit

Admin was the oldest user on ROBLOX, but some people say he wasnt. It was kind of hard to prove if he was the first user or not,

☀ join my server the port is 53680 join my server the port is 53680 join my server the port is 53680

Banned uEdit

Admin was banned by ROBLOX to see if bans worked or not. His ID was 1, then got moved to 16. Then moved to ID 18 when erik.cassel was created

ROBLOX and AdminEdit

Some idiots say that

then changed to ROBLOX when ROBLOX started to become more popular. It is lost to super p

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